Guide: how to temporarily disable WhatsApp without disconnecting from the internet

Living in the 21st century can't be told, you have to live it... Between work, family and friends, the average human being is solicited on all sides. And when the messaging systems that are supposed to bring you closer to those who matter become obstacles to productivity, it's time to react! But how do you temporarily log out of whatsapp without deleting your account or turning off your data connection? The answer is disconcertingly easy and requires only two steps.


its creation in 2004 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, WhatsApp has come a long way. Now part of the Facebook giant, it has more than 800 million active users and 40 billion messages are exchanged across the platform every day.

Without taking any risks, it's easy to say that WhatsApp is the world leader in instant messaging. With its intuitive user interface, low bandwidth and low megabyte size, WhatsApp has become a household name in instant messaging. From the granny living in the country to the hip young millennium, everyone has it on their phone...and that's the problem...At times, you want to use the internet without talking to your contacts or being interrupted by the application's sound notifications. This may be because you're looking for the best for your business or because you're preparing for a crucial exam.

It doesn't matter. At some point you decided to log out of WhatsApp and luckily you found this article.

How to Temporarily Disable WhatsAppWithout

Deleting Your Account or Logging Off from the Internet. Both are necessary.

Indeed, you could delete your account but that would require you to start the installation process from the beginning each time. In addition, if you have associated your WhatsApp account to a WhatsApp account, your prospects may be unpleasantly surprised. Fortunately, there is no need to resort to such extremes. To cut the cord between you and WhatsApp for a moment, follow these two steps.

1/ Prevent WhatsApp from using internet dataGo

to "settings", then "connections" (also called network & internet). In the "using mobile data / Wi-Fi" sub-section, search for the WhatsApp application and disable permission to use background data.note that you must close the WhatsApp window before proceeding.

2/ Stop WhatsApp operation In

"Settings", go to the tab dedicated to applications. Once WhatsApp is selected, click on "force shutdown".Congratulations: you have just temporarily disabled WhatsApp in a few clicks! The application will not send you any more messages or notifications until you open it again. In the eyes of your contacts, you will not be logged in.

Nevertheless, you will be able to use the internet without any obstacles.