How to Start Making Money on Instagram, Today

What started as a photo-sharing medium, Instagram is now a marketing platform.The number of users has quickly doubled, attracting businesses to use the platform as a marketing basis.With many followers and great use of hashtags, as illustrated on Shopify, you can passively make money at the comfort of your house.Let's dive.1. Grow Your AudienceWhy would a company approach you to market their products? When you post on Instagram, the post appears on all your followers' feed. If you have a few hundred followers, then you have less audience, and the opposite is exact.Ask people to follow you, use the right hashtag such as #follow4follow when posting and become influential. Being an established person on Instagram acts as a profile for attracting businesses who want to reach your audience.Strive for above 5000 followers.2.

Remain Active and Engage Your AudienceWhat's the use of having 5000 followers, and you're not giving them something? Regularly post high-quality pictures, even if it means using editing tools. The point is, ensure you're posting something worth looking.While you don't have to post every day, the time you post content on your page matters. Post during break hours, commuting hours (morning and evening) and weekends to reach more people. Read their comments and reply where necessary.If one of your fans uses the product you're marketing, recognize them on a video or post.3.

Engage an InfluencerFamiliar with the Kardashians? While not everyone can access any of the Kardashian, thosewho do use them for marketing their apparel or other products.You don't have to find an influencer with a million followers. You can tell your friend with substantial followers to use your product and recognize where they got it from you as well as handle your branded hashtag as they make their post. If their fans use the link to yours, then you grow your audience and sales as well.4. Sell Photos and Virtually Consumable ProductsInstagram is a visual-based platform.

Some of the images on the medium are of high quality than Google pictures. Since bloggers and other internet users are always in need of photos, use the chance to provide high-quality images, including drawings, paintings, animations and videos.However, your photos have to look better than other sellers for you to make good money. Ensure, therefore, that you're using the right tools to edit and enhance your images besides taking original pictures.5. Get into Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing is where you partner with a brand to make a sale in exchange for acommission.

You will have a retractable link or promotion code that if buyers use to purchase a product, you earn a commission.But, you can only have one link on your bio, yet you need several for all the products you're selling. Use the link to lead to a landing affiliate landing page. Consequently, make a post and indicate that people can use the link in your Instagram bio to purchase products or services.Think you have what it takes to become an Instagram earner? Dive in and implement the above points.