How Would Bruce Lee REALLY Have Fared in the UFC?

Thanks to the release of UFC 3 for systems such as PlayStation and Xbox, a growing amount of debate has centred around how a handful of legends would perform if they were placed within the octagon today. While names such as Don "the Dragon" Wilson and even Supergirl have appeared within the UFC 3 roster, there is no more contentious character than Bruce Lee. Thus, fans of all ages have become bitterly divided as to whether or not he would be able to hold his ground if pitted against modern fighters. Assuming that UFC had existed in the 1970s, would Lee have participated and if so, what might the results have been? Let's take a look at some logical predictions.The Use of Jeet Kune Do in the OctagonOne of the reasons why Lee might be able to walk away a winner involves the simple fact that Jeet Kune Do is essentially a mixed martial art in its own right.

It combines numerous styles together in order to achieve what Lee called a "formless" form. Therefore, he would not be held to the strict techniques often associated with traditional styles such as Shotokan and Taekwondo.Lee was also known for his broken rhythm when fighting an opponent. This principle is present throughout the world of MMA and therefore, he should once again perform well. Jeet Kune Do is likewise a great option if he were to face off with an opponent primarily known for his striking abilities.Sports betting fans would therefore need to carefully place their wagers.

Much as this site explains what to look for in a good online casino, fans would be required to weigh the pros and cons of both Lee and his opponent in order to make any type of informed prediction.Light on His Feet?One of the most formidable aspects of Bruce Lee is undoubtedly his lightning speed and explosive power. Thus, he could very well KO an opponent before the fighter knew what hit him. This all might change if Lee faced off against ground-and-pound legends such as Royce Gracie. The fact of the matter is that Jeet June Do was not a style intended for ground fighting.

There are little to no techniques that would be able to counter moves such as a triangle choke or even a standard arm bar. Lee would undoubtedly be in a dangerous position.A Different Type of Fighting StyleOn a final note, Jeet Kune Do was never intended to represent a style intended for the ring (or the octagon for that matter). It was developed as a means to defend oneself during a potentially life-or-death situation. Bruce Lee was never a competitive fighter, so it only stands to reason that any notion of him appearing in the octagon is slightly out of place.It would nonetheless be very interesting to see what would actually happen if Lee stepped into the ring during his prime.

Would he have become the UFC lightweight champion? Unfortunately, we will never know the answer to this question.