On the Internet, to have an idea is to have a business

Anyone with a bit of entrepreneurial spirit can benefit from the flexibility of the Internet to start a business. But this is not the only thing necessary, since it is also required to start from a suitable idea that allows to reach good results. As this is not easy, we are going to give you some recommendations that will help you to start with the idea that you have and that means to take it out of your mind and represent it in a paper with one or two sentences. A few lines should help you answer fundamental questions, such as the objective of the idea, what it brings to users, who it is focused on and what makes it special with respect to others.

When you have written those lines you will have version 1.0 of what will later become your online business. The second step is the mission to make the idea a reality. Again you will need the paper, but in this case you can write a little more. Go a bit further and write down what will represent the service or product your business is about, how it will be marketed, what price it will have and how it will reach the customers.

It's a fundamental step, so get your courage up and put all your energy into it. Now put the paper aside, because you're going to need your own words. It's time to present and tell your idea to people you trust. Don't be afraid if someone finds out about your plans, because you shouldn't worry, since you can still make many changes to make them unique.

When you talk in public with the people you have chosen, you will notice that your project is a little more real and it will also help you to get impressions. It is more than likely that when you present your idea to those people you trust, some of them will tell you that it is a bad idea or that it is a very risky plan. But don't worry, it happened to other people too, like a group of entrepreneurs who had the idea of creating a company of guided tours in Madrid through a very curious transport system, the segway. And you know what? Now they are succeeding, receiving a large number of requests from clients who are dying to see the city in this way.

So, don't be so influenced by negative opinions that you abandon your project, and then take into account the objections that can be positive for the improvement, evaluate the rest of the opinions and prepare a Lean Canvas with which you can define the market niche in which to focus your idea. This way you will be closer to see how your idea becomes a business with benefits.