Spain, queen of the gastromarketing

Today, modern cuisine is more fashionable than ever in Spain. This is largely due to the emergence of new television programme formats such as Top Chef, Master Chef or even Nightmare in the Kitchen, which have served to give a broader perspective to many people who are no longer satisfied with going to a restaurant just to eat. For this reason, there are an increasing number of modern establishments with renowned chefs who enjoy great success. Despite this, we must not forget that, behind all this, there are numerous marketing campaigns, so it can be said that, at this time, Spain has become the queen of gastromarketing.

Or, at least, that it occupies a privileged place within the countries that most implement these techniques. In this sense, Silka, a restaurant located in Alcobendas, Madrid, which specializes in Thai, Japanese and, of course, Spanish cuisine, is a good example of this. However, the case of El Bully by Ferrán Adrià or the Roca brothers' Celler de Can Roca are even more representative. Having said this, it is necessary to point out that, probably, in order to stand out in the new hotel and catering scene, it is necessary to change the mentality and, in the case of traditional businesses, to undergo a profound renovation taking into account a series of aspects such as, for example, assuming that everything has not yet been invented and that it is possible to innovate in the world of cuisine.

It is only necessary to have a little imagination and dare to put new things into practice, and to maintain close and personal contact with customers. Leaving aside blogs and social networks, which are essential elements for the success of any business at this time, details such as having the kitchen discovered and in view of the people who run the restaurant helps to improve the level of confidence. Likewise, discount coupons, if you want to transmit a quality image, are not always beneficial. Similarly, taking care of all the senses beyond the taste through music and decoration, carefully designing the menu to emphasize those products more profitable in economic terms or include some added value to the dishes are techniques of gastromarketing that are linked to the success of any restaurant today.