Writing e-books and selling them yourself? No problem with the right approach!

You would like to try your hand as an author of e-books and distribute your works on the Internet as a self-publisher? Then you can of course rely on the support of a paid sales platform. Or you can sell your e-books directly via your own webshop. You can find out the necessary steps here.E-books and their many advantagesE-books are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. The advantages are obvious: for one thing, digital books are usually much cheaper than the printed version in bookstores, and for another, e-books can be downloaded directly to a mobile phone or tablet and read wherever you want.

The annoying lugging around of heavy books is therefore a thing of the past, which is extremely beneficial, especially for a holiday suitcase that is already packed to the brim. An interested party can decide on the spur of the moment to buy an electronic book on the Internet, one click and the coveted book belongs to the eager reader. Of course, this also pleases authors of so-called special-interest literature, because with low book prices, a customer who might otherwise be much more sceptical is quicker to pick up even unusual topics, and in addition, the desired target group for a special topic can be reached much better via the Internet.The way to your own book: Not even that difficult! Anyone who enjoys writing, perhaps already has their own blog or collects entertaining short stories, their own recipes or unusual DIY tips in their spare time at home, will probably consider sooner or later whether it might not be worthwhile publishing their own texts. Thanks to the Internet, the path to your own book is not that difficult! Simply use a common word processing program to write the book and, in a second step, carefully check it for spelling and grammatical errors using the spelling aid (or a knowledgeable first reader).

Now take care of an attractive e-book design, i.e. the writing should be clearly structured and well readable formatted. Depending on the topic, the writing can then be supplemented with some additional images and graphics. Please also remember to include the required imprint! Various image editing programs can be used for the book cover.

The finished e-book can then be saved in pdf format, for example. Practical and quickly ready for use: the drag-and-drop webshopYou 've finished writing your e-book, it's got a snappy design and an appealing cover design? Then it's time to start marketing your own work! If you don't want to fall back on one of the usual sales platforms and the payment of sometimes high commissions, you can of course also publish your own book via your own online shop. In order to save time and money, the use of a web shop based on the modular principle is highly recommended. This is ready for use within a few minutes and the ambitious writer can immediately start selling books.

Please don't forget a few advertising measures, because potential buyers first have to find out that a book of interest to them has been published! So announce the good news about the new publication diligently via social media, email and newsletter.